Hillsborough County using SL-RAT to Fight Against Inflow and Infiltration

Rich Cummings, outgoing Director of Hillsborough County Field Maintenance Services Division, shares insights on what are effective tools for mitigating Inflow and Infiltration. Cummings recommends the Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool, or SL-RAT, as an easy way to quickly inspect sewer lines at low cost.

“This could tell me in less than one and a half minutes whether or not that system was good to go or wasn’t,” he says. “There’s nothing else out there that is even close to that.”

– Rich Cummings

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Cincinnati Integrates Innovative Solutions

This month’s Municipal Sewer & Water Magazine cover story features Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati’s implementation of innovative above-ground storm water conveyance solutions to reduce CSO events.

The Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool, or SL-RAT, is included in the list of tools MSDGC uses in their asset-management program. In 2014, MSDGC collaborated with the EPA in research demonstrating the use of the SL-RAT and seven years later, we’re glad the SL-RAT remains a relevant and innovative solution for risk mitigation!

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