SL-RAT saving Utah cities like Ivins water & money

The City of Ivins, UT, was maintaining their sewer lines like most utilities around the country – by cleaning the entire system on a time-based schedule. In Ivins case, they were cleaning 50 miles annually to prevent a handful of backup incidences. Since 2020, Ivins, Santa Clara and the Ash Creek Special Service District conducted a pilot acoustic inspection program with the help of R.H. Borden and Co.

Instead of cleaning every pipe, they discovered, by using the SL-RAT, that only 5% of the system actually required maintenance. Thousands of gallons of water, wear and tear on expensive cleaning equipment, and thousands of manhours were saved by inspecting prior to cleaning.

“This is the future. Eventually everyone will do it this way. I just feel like we saw a technology that might work, and it did.”

– Chuck Gillette, Ivins Public Works director

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