Colorado Special Districts Pool Approves RH Borden Process

The Colorado Special Districts Property and Liability Pool announced the approval of an annual condition-based maintenance process provided by RH Borden “as an acceptable Best Practice alternative methodology for sewer maintenance as well as … fully compliant with the CSD Pool Sanitation Maintenance Warranty Program.” The SL-RAT helps collection system managers improve maintenance efficiency by identifying risk areas and reducing unnecessary cleaning. This approach helps to reduce water usage while integrating a process for maintaining a cloud-based GIS system of sewer assets.

The approval of this condition-based maintenance program allows CSD Pool members to receive a 5% group purchase discount on equipment and services from RH Borden, and “may effect a 33% discount on General Liability coverage.”

RH Borden has helped dozens of utilities in Utah and neighboring states with conducting acoustic inspections and manhole scanning. Learn more about RH Borden and Company here:

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