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Help municipal collection system operators optimize their gravity sewer maintenance programs – allowing them to inspect more and clean better

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InfoSense was Founded to Answer a Single Question for Wastewater Utilities:

“Is there a better way to deploy cleaning and CCTV resources so they can focus on the right pipe at the right time?”

In 2005, Dr. Ivan Howitt, a tenured professor at UNC Charlotte embarked on a joint research project to evaluate whether acoustic signals could be utilized to detect pipe blockages and anomalies between manholes. This research was motivated by a critical need at Charlotte Water to focus the deployment of their cleaning trucks on the right pipes at the right time.

With funding from the National Science Foundation, InfoSense was founded, and first prototype of the Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tools (SL-RAT®) was sold to Charlotte Water in 2009. Based on the success of the first device, four improved beta prototypes were purchased by Charlotte Water a year later. The current production version was released in early 2012 and quickly gained recognition as a leading Smart Water technology – winning WEF’s Innovative Technology Award.

Our efforts to create innovative wastewater solutions did not stop at hardware. Understanding that utilities equally rely on software to manage their collection systems, we launched the Sewer Line Data Organizer (SL-DOG®) in 2014. The SL-DOG portal was designed with a utility’s needs in mind – allowing operators to quickly archive, visualize, manage, and export SL-RAT data. Following the release of the SL-DOG Portal, we created a mobile application that allowed field crews to add asset ID’s, measurement notes, and general field observation information.

Today over 1350 utilities around the world have experienced how our technology can help overcome the challenges inherent in managing a wastewater collection system. Approximately 700 units are in use around the world with customers ranging from Charlotte Water to Singapore PUB. We look forward to learning more about your collection system challenges and how we might help you solve them.

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Company Values


We empower our employees to make good decisions that advance our mission. Adaptable to change—we trust our team to make the right decisions within the domain of their role.


Passion for Our Mission

Our mission is to provide innovative products that improve communities and the environment. Through our technology we help local government utilities become more efficient – saving them money that can be redeployed to other critical services in their communities.

Caring and Team Focused

Our small, elite team cares about each other, our mission, and the customer. Willing to sacrifice individual needs at times for the greater good.  We stand ready to help our customers achieve their goals.


Kaizen Mind-Set

From the Japanese word “Kaizen”—meaning “change for the better”, the kaizen mindset is our belief that we are continuously growing individually and as a company. We are committed to advancing everything we do through incremental improvement.

Detail-Oriented and Precise

Our customers are an integrated part of our business process. Whether its software updates, manufacturing, customer onboarding, or product development, we pay attention to the smallest details during the process, so execution is well planned and smooth.


Meet Our Team of Dedicated Professionals

Alex Churchill

Ivan Howitt
Founder and CTO

Andull Anderson
Field Survey Technician

Chris Callahan
Central East Market Manager

Gene Hallum
Northwest Territory Manager

Gwen Mayol
Customer Support

Heather McNeil
Mid-Atlantic Territory Manager

Chase Mendell
Marketing Strategist

Marlon Montgomery
Production Supervisor

Dennis Mutts
Field Survey Technician

Charlie Rotman
Midwest Market Manager

Christina Rupe
Director of Administration

Brian Travers
Production Technician

Aimee Tschiffely
Customer Success Manager

Walt Woodard
Global Sales Director