SL-DOG Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:         How do I log in?

A1:         You can log in here, or by using the button located in the menu on the InfoSense website. You can also go directly to to access the login page.

Q2:         What if I can’t remember my password?

A2:         If you can’t remember your SL-DOG log-in username or password, please email Heather McNeil at

Q3:        What are the different ways I can export SL-DOG data?

A3:         You can download your SL-RAT measurements in the following formats: CSV (Excel), SHP (GIS), PDF or to Google Earth.

Q4:        How do I export a SHP file? What are some tools to help manage the data for SHP file exports? 

A4:         For an overview of how to work with SHP files using SL-DOG, see this video.