Community Spotlight: Peachtree City, GA

Cartoon of pipe over map of peachtree city. Upper left text says "Community Spotlight" with Peachtree city's logo

Peachtree City, GA recently revitalized their SL-RAT program. Less than a mile of the 54 miles measured needed cleaning – saving the city thousands of dollars.

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Community Spotlight: Campbell River, BC

After incorporating acoustic inspection, Campbell River found that 86% of their system was free form blockages and could take rapid action on lines that scored poorly.

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Community Spotlight: Oakland, Maine

The Town of Oakland has 11.6 miles of gravity sewer piping and needed to prioritize their cleaning and CCTV inspection operations.

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SL-RAT at Little Rock Water Reclamation Authority

Population: 200,000
Miles of Collection System: 1,100
SL-RAT User Since: 2015

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SL-RAT at Augusta Utilities Division, Georgia

Population: 190,000
Miles of Collection System:1,040
SL-RAT User Since: 2013

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