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Unexpected Find:

When Jonathan King found the unfamiliar piece of equipment in a back supply closet, he did not know what to make of it. Called the “SL-RAT”, his first inclination was to sell the hardware. However, after receiving an offer for over $15,000, he decided to investigate further. It turns out, the device was part of a old condition-based maintenance program. This program was discontinued due to staff turnover.

Improved Efficiency:

Peachtree’s Sanitary Collection System is run by a hardworking team of six. This means a simple CCTV or cleaning job requires a third of their staff. Naturally, when Jonathan found out the strange-looking device could be used to prioritize cleaning and CCTV maintenance work, he decided to restart the program.

Impactful results:

Since the revitalization of the SL-RAT program, the team has measured over 280,000 feet of gravity sewer lines. The data shows a vast majority of Peachtree City’s system is blockage free. This has reduced unnecessary cleaning—saving Peachtree City time and money. In the less than a mile of lines that scored poorly, they found tree root growth, chunks of asphalt, and FOG buildup. These lines were quickly cleared and reassessed to make sure all blockages were removed.

“Instead of sending a third of our staff out to clean areas that may not need cleaning, we can inspect with the SL-RAT and prioritize our efforts. There are probably 10 instances where the SL-RAT has prevented an overflow we would not have found otherwise.”

Jonathan King, Senior Collection Maintenance Technician, Peachtree City Water and Sewage Authority