Acoustic Inspection Helps Campbell River Optimize Inspection Program

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Key Findings

After incorporating the SL-RAT® into their maintenance program, city leaders initially discovered that 86% of the lines assessed had excess flow capacity. Knowing that a majority of their system is free from blockage issues, Campbell River could better deploy their CCTV and cleaning resources and take focused action on the lines that scored poorly.

The SL-RAT  inspection program, to date, has realized significant savings for Campbell River. While it would cost upwards of CAD $190,000 to clean their system, it only costs approximately CAD $11,000 after inspecting with the SL-RAT.  With an average cleaning cost estimate of approximately CAD $3 per meter, it is estimated Campbell River saved over CAD $150,000.

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“The SL-RAT has been extremely helpful for evaluating pipes located in areas that our CCTV trucks cannot reach. The SL-RAT assisted us to identify and quickly repair the issues found. Having a low-cost method to inspect these pipes enables us to keep our collection system proactively free from blockages.”

Spring Quin, Engineering Technologist III, City of Campbell River