Optimizing Root Control with Acoustic Inspections- Western Virginia Water Authority

Western Virginia Water Authority is a mid-sized utility in Southwest Virginia that provides water and sewer service to ~250,000 people. In 2016, they started looking for ways to optimize the process for identifying pipes for chemical root control. To effectively manage an abundance of CCTV work orders, Western Virginia Water Authority utilized acoustic technology to screen their system for potential blockages. Over 4,500 acoustic inspections were conducted, resulting in identifying 557 with Blocked or POOR/low FAIR blockage assessments – scores of 0 to 4. Resources could be allocated to the 12% of pipes with identified need.

“The use of the SL-RAT greatly reduced the amount of time that needed to be spent televising and allowed for quick screening of the system.”

To read the full American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Paper, click here.

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WEFTEC Paper: RATs in the House – Little Rock

RATs in the House – How Little Rock Water Reclamation Authority Moved from a Time-Based to a Condition-Based Sewer Cleaning Strategy

Abstract: Little Rock Water Reclamation Authority, Arkansas (LRWRA) manages ~1929 km (1100 mi) of small diameter (up to 30 cm or 12 in) gravity sanitary sewer mains. In January 2017, they implemented an acoustic inspection technology as a preliminary assessment tool to help prioritize cleaning operations. They successfully transitioned from a time-based to condition-based sewer maintenance program, improving their annual maintenance contact with the small diameter gravity system from 40% to 90%. In just their first year, LRWRA inspected 1555 km (966 mi), or ~70% of their collection system, reducing non-capacity sanitary sewer overflows by 35%, without hiring additional personnel.

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