Town of Midland, Ontario, using SL-RAT to inspect sewers twenty times faster

The Town of Midland in Ontario, Canada is using the SL-RAT to speed up their inspection process. By using acoustic inspection technology, they can focus costly cleaning and CCTV resources and increase sewer maintenance efficiency.

“Not only is this innovative technology helping to save an immense amount of time, but it’s also saving a considerable amount of resources, allowing us to shift those to other projects.”

– André Pepin, Acting Manager of Water & Wastewater Services.

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Oak Ridge Public Works using SL-RAT to find blockages

Oak Ridge Public Works, Tennessee, is using the SL-RAT to screen for blockages in their small diameter sewer lines. It’s always a good idea to alert residents that they may hear unusual sounds coming from their sewers!

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Acoustic Inspections Helps Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Prioritize Cleaning

Rehoboth Beach will utilize a part of a wastewater planning grant to rapidly screen 77,000 linear ft of sewer pipes using acoustic inspection technology. Results of this screening will help focus closed-circuit TV and sewer cleaning work, and is expected to take four weeks to complete.

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SL-RAT Improving Sheridan’s Sewer Program

Sheridan’s City Utilities Director, Dan Roberts, describes how the Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool, or SL-RAT, has helped the city develop more targeted maintenance plans. Roberts says, “The device is really changing the game for us about how quickly we can assess sewers and then determine what is needed to actually maintain them.”

Sheridan’s previous approach consisted of a time-based maintenance program, inspecting the city’s 130 miles of pipeline at three year increments. Like most utilities, this leads to using time and resources to clean already clean pipes, and missing critical areas with blockages. By using the SL-RAT to quickly screen before deploying resources, Sheridan can have a more targeted cleaning approach.

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InfoSense BuyBoard status extended to all National Cooperative Members

InfoSense’s  BuyBoard vendor status, awarded by the National Purchasing Cooperative, is now extended to states other than Texas, effective 10/1/2019.

This allows all participating National Cooperative members to eliminate the bidding process and save time and cost associated with placing bids. BuyBoard vendors must go through the competitive procurement process and abide by competitive procurement laws to be approved.

Please email or call 877-747-3245 if you’d like to schedule a free demo.

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InfoSense Approved Buyboard Vendor through the Local Government Purchasing Cooperative (TX)

InfoSense, Inc., manufacturer of the Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool (SL-RAT), is now an approved BuyBoard vendor through The Local Government Purchasing Cooperative starting 10/1/2019. This allows participating member cities, counties and other local government agencies in the state of Texas to eliminate the bidding process and save time and cost associated with placing bids. BuyBoard vendors must go through the competitive procurement process and abide by competitive procurement laws to be approved.


Please email or call 877-747-3245 if you’d like to schedule a free demo.

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Let it Flow. Mayor Davis, Suez-Bayonne Credit New Technology for Decrease in Blocked Sewer Lines

The City of Bayonne, since integrating the SL-RAT, has experienced an 83% decrease in blocked sewer lines in comparison with the same 6-month time period in 2018. By utilizing acoustic technology to scan for blockages, the city has effectively developed a preventative pipe cleaning operation.

Many cities deal with blockages in aging sewer systems. Bayonne is one of them. We hope this new technology will lead to a continuing improvement in the sewer system in the years ahead.

– Jimmy Davis, Mayor of Bayonne, NJ

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Acoustic Inspection in Australia & New Zealand – Rapid Solution to Overflow Issues

The Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool, or SL-RAT, is allowing utilities in Australia and New Zealand to save time and money, while enhancing their sewer maintenance operations. By using acoustic inspection technology to quickly screen sewer pipes for blockages prior to deploying resources, segments with identified need can be prioritized. Since acoustic inspection costs significantly less to operate than traditional visual inspection, it can be a cost-effective way to establish a condition-based maintenance program.

When Sydney Water launched an acoustic inspection pilot program, they discovered that “60% of pipes in the Sydney Water cyclic cleaning program did not require further cleaning.” This means that with the integration of acoustic technology, Sydney Water can prioritize resources, time and water on areas with identified need, resulting in better service and increased environmental protection.

Taupo, New Zealand integrated the SL-RAT after experiencing an increase in number of sewer overflow incidents. “By using [the SL-RAT], there is a significant cost and time saving over traditional methods and the asset data gained by using SL-RAT is a valuable tool for reducing sewer overflows.” says Taupo District Council 3 Waters Network Engineer, Graeme Jackson. “The SL-RAT has proven to be a robust, quick and easy to use product. We have been able to address the immediate issues with our sewer network and significantly reduced the number of sewer overflows, with the added bonus of collecting excellent asset data.”

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Elizabethton, TN focuses cleaning efforts with acoustic technology

Elizabethton, TN Water Resources oversees a 70 mile sewer system serving 28,000 people. In order to address aging infrastructure and leaky sewer pipes, the utility had to create an asset management program utilizing mapping software. Their approach involved assessing entire neighborhoods and focusing efforts on areas with greatest need. In order to ensure resources were allocated in the most efficient way, they implemented acoustic technology to understand pipe conditions before deploying more expensive resources.

“The SL-RATs are helping by quickly identifying the locations of obstructions…it’s much more focused than trying to televise the entire 70-mile system. The SL-RATS tell us where we need to spend more time on CCTV investigation. The CCTV investigation tells us whether we need point repairs, sliplining or replacement.” says Johann Coetzee, Water Resources General Manager.

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Fewer Sewage Spills in Taupō, New Zealand

In January 2018, a fatberg problem caused sewage to accidentally contaminate Lake Taupō in New Zealand. Since then, the fatberg problem has been essentially eliminated. Kevin Sears, Taupō District Council’s three-water operations manager says, “It’s a combination of the community doing their part and us using the SL-RAT cleaning tool.” The acoustic inspection tool has helped the district to quickly understand sewer blockage conditions and deploy cleaning resources effectively.


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