SL-RAT Acoustic Inspection Standard Released by ASTM

The American Society for Testing Materials or ASTM has recently released a new standard based on InfoSense’s Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool or SL-RAT® technology for inspecting gravity sewers.  The ASTM standard F3220-17, titled “Standard Practice for Prioritizing Sewer Pipe Cleaning Operations by Using Transmissive Acoustic Inspection”, provides a new basis for municipal collection system operators, consulting engineers, and their associated contractors to work from when developing specifications for sewer cleaning and maintenance programs.

From the Significance & Uses Section of the ASTM standard F3220-17 – “Standard Practice for Prioritizing Sewer Pipe Cleaning Operations by Using Transmissive Acoustic Inspection” (Reproduced from the Public Information located at

4.1 Significance: 

4.1.1 Collection system maintenance requires allocating cleaning resources to the right place prior to system failure (sanitary sewer overflows, mainline blockages, and building backups). Transmissive acoustic inspection provides a tool to assist in allocating cleaning resources by prioritizing pipe segments based on their blockage assessment and thereby facilitating efficient cleaning resource allocation.

4.1.2 This standard practice provides minimum requirements and suggested practices regarding the transmissive acoustic inspection of gravity-fed sewer line blockage assessment to meet the needs of maintenance personnel, engineers, contractors, authorities, regulatory agencies, and financing institutions.

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InfoSense manufactures the SL-RAT® in Charlotte, NC.  The SL-RAT has inspected over 75 million feet of municipal sewer pipe with over 180 utilities around the world – reducing sewer overflows and saving customers millions of dollars in avoided cleaning costs.

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