Little Rock’s Award-winning Sewer Rehab Program Nixes Temporary Fixes

Although Little Rock Water Reclamation Authority experienced enough overflow issues to warrant a lawsuit by the Sierra Club and Administrative Order on Consent just twenty years ago, they now have an award-winning program in place that has significantly reduced SSO events. One of the tools driving LRWRA’s maintenance program is the SL-RAT. “Rather than committing to clean out sewer lines whether it’s needed or not, LRWRA is using acoustic monitoring to identify pipes that need attention.” By focusing efforts on areas that need attention, the Authority has reduced dry-weather overflows while reducing wasted resources.

I think rodding pipes every day for the sake of rodding is the old way of doing things… Not only is acoustic monitoring cost-effective, but it’s environmentally responsible as well. Do we really want an additional 15 trucks out there, spewing smoke and causing congestion?”

– Greg Ramon, CEO, Little Rock Water Reclamation Authority

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