Implementation of Acoustic Inspection Technology at the City of New Braunfels, Texas

George Selembo, InfoSense, Inc. and Trino Pedraza, New Braunfels Utilities present at the NASTT 2016 No-Dig Show.     The presentation will discuss the project involving the use of rapid acoustic inspection technology for sanitary sewer lines at buy levitra super force online the City of New Braunfels, Texas. Over 1.2 million feet were inspected in four months. Use of this technology has allowed the city to preventatively clean pipes and eliminate overflows.  The presentation is at 9:15 AM on Tuesday March 22 as part of the Asset Management Session.

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InfoSense Exhibits at AquaTech 2015

Thanks to all how stopped by our booth at AquaTech to discuss acoustic inspection and how the SL-RAT can assist in prioritizing your wastewater collection system cleaning operations. InfoSense Innovation Center Display at AquaTech 2015IMG_2299

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InfoSense at WEFTEC 2015 Booth# 4213, Stop By and See Us!

InfoSense WEFTEC Booth# 4213

InfoSense’s award-winning acoustic pipe inspection technology is changing the way utilities approach asset management.  Our patented device, the SL-RAT, can inspect a sewer line in 3 minutes or less, which quickly allows you to prioritize cleaning and CCTV resources.

The EPA recently completed a study of the SL-RAT, you can download it at

Stop by booth# 4213 at WEFTEC 2015 to learn more!

Some other WEFTEC events:

  • “Implementation of Acoustic Inspection Technology at the City of Augusta, GA”.  2:30pm, Monday, Sept. 28.  Session 212.
  • InfoSense Happy Hour 4:30pm to 6pm, Monday, Sept. 28, Booth #4213
  • InfoSense will also be featured at the WEFTEC Innovation Pavilion this year.



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Scavin Equipment Co. Exhibiting InfoSense SL-RAT

John Gotchis at Massachusetts Water Pollution Control Association Conference!  Exhibiting the sewer line rapid assessment tool (SL-RAT) for prioritizing wastewater cleaning operations using acoustic inspection.

John Gotchis at a show!

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Neverest Equipment Company Becomes the Exclusive SL-RAT Manufacturer’s Representative for the States of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming

InfoSense is pleased to announce that Neverest Equipment Company, has become our exclusive manufacturer’s representative for the states of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming effective July 2015.  COO Alex Churchill, says “Neverest Equipment’s complementary product line and focus on a customer-centric solution-based sales approach provide an ideal partner for selling the SL-RAT product line within their market area.  With Neverest’s excellent reputation, we know Brian and his team will drive SL-RAT adoption.”

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Paper: Implementation of Acoustic Inspection Technology at the City of Augusta, GA

Implementation of Acoustic Inspection Technology at the City of Augusta, GA was written in conjunction with a presentation given at the NASTT 2015 as a collaboration between InfoSense, Inc. and Augusta Utilities Department.

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The City of Augusta, GA manages 1,040 miles of gravity sanitary sewer mains over an area of 280 square miles. In February 2013, they began using the Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool (SL-RAT) to help prioritize cleaning operations. They have since added several devices and have worked toward incorporating the technology into their asset management program.

Currently, the SL-RAT is used by 2 person crews to perform acoustic inspections. The average rate of inspection is approximately 7,500 linear feet per day per crew. Inspection areas are planned out based on tax maps, and then the information obtained from the inspection is used to prioritize cleaning operations. Over 12,000 segments (3 million feet) have been inspected since the program started. Results from these acoustic inspections indicate that even a conservative cleaning policy guided by acoustic inspection would result in a substantial reduction in the amount of cleaning that needs to be performed. Based on these results, cleaning for the segments considered can be reduced anywhere from 60% to 85%.

Use of this device as a preliminary screening tool has resulted in substantial cost savings, while simultaneously reducing the amount of sanitary sewer overflows (SSO’s). Financial impact of using the technology, along with an evaluation of SSO reduction will be discussed. In summary, use of this technology has shown that acoustic inspections can be performed quickly and cheaply, and are an effective tool for asset management.


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SL-RAT Imagine H20 Runner-UP Winner

InfoSense’s SL-RAT acoustic inspection tool for prioritizing wastewater utilities maintenance operations for cleaning is the Imagine H20 runner-up in the growth-stage category. The Imagine H20’s 6th Annual Competition and Accelerator for Water Innovation Businesses focused on Infrastructure Challenge. “A path-to-market program to support emerging and growth-stage water businesses with scalable solutions for water and wastewater infrastructure.”

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InfoSense Advances in WERF LIFT Program

The SL-RAT acoustic inspection technology by InfoSense advances in the WERF LIFT Program Technology Evaluation.

“The WERF Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology (LIFT) PROGAM is a multi-pronged initiative undertaken by WERF and WEF to help bring new water technology to the field quickly and efficiently.” To find out more about the LIFT program visit

“The LIFT Technology Scans Database is a growing collection of vetted, innovative technologies that will drastically improve wastewater treatment operations.”  For information on the database, the Technology Scans, and WERF subscription, please contact Technology and Innovation Manager Ravi George at

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SL-RAT Receives Most Innovative Product Award

InfoSense is pleased to announce that the Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool or SL-RAT® has won The Most Innovative Product Award at the recent WIOA (Water Industries Operators Association) trade show in Queensland Australia. The award was accepted by our exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand – Austeck.

Mr Jim Martin Chairman of WIOA is presenting Mr. Aaron Goth of Austeck the Most Innovative Product Award for the SL-RAT.

Mr Jim Martin Chairman of WIOA is presenting Mr. Aaron Goth of Austeck the Most Innovative Product Award for the SL-RAT.

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Thanks for attending the 2014 SESTT Trenchless Technology Seminar

Thanks for attending the 2014 SESTT Trenchless Technology Seminar!

Find below a link to download a copy of the presentation titled “Using Acoustic Inspection to Prioritize Sewer Cleaning” presented on March 26, 2014.

InfoSense 2014 SESTT Presentation

InfoSense’s Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool (SL-RAT) is a patented acoustic inspection device used to make blockage assessments of sanitary sewer lines in 3 minutes or less. Our technology was developed in North Carolina with UNC-Charlotte and Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities, and has been used to inspect millions of feet of pipe. This revolutionary device was awarded the 2012 WEF Innovative Technology Award for its impact on the industry. One of our more recent customers is August, GA. You can read more about how they are using the device in the following MS&W article: Augusta, GA – MS&W article.

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