SL-RAT Data Workflow

Use Tools Designed for SL-RAT Data Management to Streamline Process

Quickly inspecting with the SL-RAT means gathering a lot of valuable acoustic data that need to be managed. We highly recommend using the products developed by InfoSense to support SL-RAT data management. See how the Sewer Line Data Organizer (SL-DOG) and the mobile app fits into the workflow below:

Step 1: SL-RAT

Collect acoustic blockage assessment data using the SL-RAT. Inspect 10,000 – 20,000 ft of small diameter gravity mains per day.

Step 2: (Optional) Mobile App

The SL-DOG app is a free mobile app that allows operators to add asset data in real-time while conducting acoustic assessment tests. The data is automatically synced to the SL-DOG portal for a comprehensive data set to best streamline and support your SL-RAT program. The mobile app is available for iOS or Android devices.

Step 3: Desktop App 

Upload SL-RAT data to a computer by using USB provided with your SL-RAT and the desktop app (local client). The newest version of the desktop app was released Oct 2019.

Step 4: SL-DOG Portal

Log into your secure web portal at to view and edit acoustic data. Data your entered through the app and your SL-RAT measurement scores will sync in the cloud-based database automatically. Now you can download the acoustic data for various industry standard programs such as Excel, Google Earth, ArcGIS or Adobe PDF.