Mobile App Help

Where do I find the Device ID?

The first step in adding a note is selecting a device. If you have multiple devices, it is important to select the correct device.

The device ID is located on the silver sticker on top of each TX and RX unit. For the mobile app, please reference the Device ID on the RX device.

Where do I find the Measurement ID?

It is VERY important to verify the Measurement ID each time you add a note.

While the Measurement ID automatically completes, this is done sequentially and may not correlate with the test you are conducting.

Once a test is completed, the RX will give results of test – the first line in the results is called “ID”.  Please make sure the Measurement ID is the same (you can ignore the beginning 0’s) as the ID shown on your device.

What does active or inactive device mean?

An “Active” status indicates that measurements from this device are actively being associated with your portal. You can add measurement notes to any Active device.

An “Inactive” status indicates that a device contains one or more measurements that are pertinent to your portal, but this device is not currently associated with your portal. Generally, this indicates a loaned or demo SL-RAT unit. You cannot add measurement notes to an inactive device, but you can edit notes of existing measurements to any Inactive device.

How do I sync a "Pending Mobile Note" to the SL-DOG portal?

Any note that has been added using the mobile app but has not synced to the SL-DOG is considered a “Pending Mobile Note”.

A pending mobile note will automatically sync to your SL-DOG portal when the measurements are uploaded from your SL-RAT to the SL-DOG portal.

To upload measurements, please connect your device to a PC using provided USB cable and use the desktop app to push data to the portal.

SL-DOG Mobile App Quick Start Guide

Please see Mobile App Quick Start Guide for detailed instructions.

1- Complete SL-RAT acoustic test.

2- Select Device ID (See silver sticker on top of device)

3- Verify Measurement ID (see SL-RAT result on device and note ID)

4- Add Notes and Press SAVE

5- Upload measurements from SL-RAT to your SL-DOG portal using USB. All notes will automatically sync to the portal and move from “pending mobile notes” to “uploaded measurements”