Makers of the Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool – SL-RAT®

Screen for blockages in small diameter gravity sewers with the award-winning Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool.

Acoustic Inspection Technology.

The SL-RAT® has provided condition assessment for over four hundred million feet of sewer lines in over 1,000 municipalities.

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Why use acoustic inspection technology?

Save Money

With the use of acoustic inspection, cleaning and CCTV resources are efficiently directed to areas of critical need. The reduction of unnecessary cleaning leads to cost savings.

Save Time

Identifying which specific pipe segments need cleaning reduces unnecessary work and saves crew hours. You will be able to save countless man-hours by using the SL-RAT as the first step in your sewer maintenance program.

Save Water

You can save millions of gallons of sewer truck flushing water by reducing unnecessary cleaning! Optimizing your sewer maintenance program with acoustic inspection ensures water is used as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Get Long Term ROI

By using the SL-RAT technology, you can focus on cleaning the right pipes at the right time. Performing more inspections means greater savings. It is no wonder that thousands of utilities trust us for inspection worldwide.

What our customers think of us:

“While our efforts to clean, inspect, and televise are admirable, we’ve sought other technologies that might better utilize existing resources, and provide more timely assessment of our overall collection system. We believe we’ve found such technology with the SL-RAT.”

Robert Mitchard
Public Works Director, Village of Algonquin (IL)

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